Motion and Glass Break Sensors: Frontline Home Security Devices

motion and glass break sensors

Many security systems, especially the DIY types, often offer a basic set-up of door and window sensors. But if you’re like most people, a few sensors aren’t going to keep your home fully secure. You may find yourself spending a lot of money buying extra sensors to cover every door and window in your home to feel secure. Luckily, there’s another way around having to do this, and it all lies in two small devices. Here’s why every home security system needs motion and glass break sensors as front-line devices.

Glass Break Sensors

Unlike most movies portray, criminals are not likely to be people who know how to quietly unlock windows. Most will resort to breaking a window to gain access to a home, rendering window sensors useless. A much better option is to place a glass break sensor in close proximity to your windows. One glass break sensor can then do the work of a few window sensors.


Motion Sensors

In areas with few windows, it would not be economical to use a glass break sensor. You’d be better off utilizing a motion sensor near these types of rooms, where a criminal would be likely to pass through. If a person happens to get through any of the previous safeguards, the motion sensor will pick up on their movement. Then your system will be triggered immediately, sending out the proper authorities.

When you contact a professional home security company, make sure you’re talking with specialists who have your best interest in mind. A reputable company will make sure you’re supplied with everything you need and nothing you don’t. Using motion and glass break sensors as front-line devices will give you the best protection against intruders. It will also save you money and prevent having to arm each individual window. 

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