How to Protect Aging Parents With Monitored Home Security

protect your aging parent

A constant worry as we get older is how we can protect aging parents. Fitting their home with a security system should be at the top of the list. The most obvious reason to fit your parents’ home with a security system is to ward off intruders. Older homeowners are typically less equipped to fend off criminals on their own, making them an easy target for invasions. Also, the top ten places to retire also happen to have high crime rates. Studies show that criminals are less likely to commit property crimes when they know a home security system is present. This gives you an upper hand to protect your aging parent and their home.


Solutions for Compromised Health

We’ve all seen the commercials of elderly people falling and not being able to get up. As much as these situations have been made light of, they’re actually very serious, with dire consequences. Having a panic pendant monitored 24/7 by a security system is the best way to make sure that your aging parents are not left in a compromised situation without help. With a variety of wear options, it makes it easy to have protection every day with a barely-there device.


Solutions for Wandering Parents

Even the most basic monitored security system will come with door sensors. This is exactly what you need if you have a parent who tends to wander due to Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Any time an exterior door is opened, you’ll be alerted right away, reducing the chances of your loved one being lost. Additionally, you can install a Ring Video Doorbell that will pick up on any motion. This will alert you of a parent leaving or entering a home. Many find invaluable peace of mind from these devices.


Added Convenience

Even if your parents don’t need the safety devices above, a monitored security system can still provide convenience. If they’re forgetful, they’ll appreciate being able to close their garage or front door from their phones. They’ll also love being able to turn their lights on and off from the comfort of their couch. And they’ll be absolutely grateful that they can turn up the heat from their phone without having to get out of bed.


Protecting your aging parents starts with securing their home. The addition of smart devices adds additional peace of mind and convenience. A home security specialist can get you started to protect your aging parent today.

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