Building the Best Home Security System for Families

best home security

It’s August which means kids are heading back to school. Whether they’re new to arriving home on their own after school, or this is their first year, many parents are worried and looking for solutions to keep an eye on their children in those few hours between the end of school and work. Children sometimes have a mind of their own (okay, not sometimes, but most of the time) and parents want to make sure they’re safe and healthy as they finish up their workdays. Luckily, home security isn’t like it used to be. Parents no longer simply rely on security systems keeping out the bad guys, but also to keep a watchful eye on their kids. There are many devices that parents can utilize to monitor the safety of their children. Ring Home Security devices ensure that you have the best home security system on the market and the best chance of keeping your kids safe.


Using Ring Security Products as Front-Line Devices

The first product Ring came out with was, of course, their well-known video doorbell camera. The Ring Doorbell Camera serves as two forms of security. First, you can see when your children arrive and leave your house. Secondly, you can keep a watchful eye on any visitors to your home. Using the two-way talk feature gives the appearance that there is an adult in the home and your children will never feel obligated to open the door for strangers. 

Ring also has the best outdoor cameras on the market. While these function a lot like the Ring Doorbell Camera, you can set them up around your property. This means you can monitor every door in your home. With two-way talk and a spotlight feature, you can be sure that your home and kids are safe.


Other Solutions for Monitoring Your Family

Smart smoke detectors and smart carbon monoxide detectors are popular among families. You can be notified immediately if your children are in danger, no matter where you are. 

Electric door locks are another device that is popular among families. Parents no longer have to worry about your kids losing their keys and being locked out of the house until you get home. You also won’t have to worry about who has retreived said lost keys. If your children are forgetful (i.e. they’re normal children), chances are they’ll forget to lock the front door at some point. You can always check the status of the door and lock it right from your phone. These solutions are great additions that give parents additional peace of mind. 

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