WISE Device Spotlight: Ring Spotlight Cam

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Home security systems continue to evolve, but one thing remains the same: people want to stop a break-in before it even happens. One of the best solutions is to use security systems with exterior cameras. Exterior cameras serve as a deterrent for criminals and, with new technology, give homeowners the opportunity to be proactive in their home’s security. Read on to see why your home security systems would benefit from a Ring Spotlight Cam.



Stopping crime before it happens might be as simple as having one or two security devices outside your home. It’s been reported that somewhere between 60-80% of criminals admit to being deterred by a home security system. So when you use visible security devices, you might able to help stop crime before it begins. Front-of-the-line devices like the Ring Spotlight Cam and Ring Video Doorbell are a great way to bump up your security system. Setting up a couple of Ring Spotlight Cams around the front of your house will give to record any activity that occurs around your home. 



Hard-wired exterior cameras are a thing of the past. The Ring Spotlight Cam is wireless, giving you the flexibility to set it up anywhere you need it. This also makes it easy to move in case you feel the need to place it elsewhere in the future. With two-way talk, homeowners are able to scare away potential criminals through a speaker, whether they’re home or not. Many families also find the Ring Spotlight Cams convenient for checking in on their kids when they’re playing outside.



The Ring Spotlight Cam is one of the best options on the market. You’ll love features like two-way talk, motion-activated spotlight, wireless transmitting, and high definition recording. So if you’re looking for high tech security with a touch of convenience, make sure you have a home security system with exterior cameras.


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