3 Essential Devices You Need to Add to Your Home Security System Today

home security system smoke detector

It’s no secret that a basic home security system is great for securing your home and belongings. But if you’re wondering if there’s more you can do, the answer is a resounding yes. Home security has come a long way in recent years. There are many devices you can add to your system to not only make life more convenient but to also increase your home’s security. By using these devices, you can further prevent something from happening.


1. Ring Video Doorbell

There’s a new first line of defense in home security. The Ring Video Doorbell is the perfect way to stop crime before it happens. The Ring Video doorbell captures every movement on your front doorstep. It’s a perfect way to let criminals know that your home is secure. Criminals have admitted to being deterred up most of the time when they knew a home security system was present. And in cases where criminals were bold enough to break in any way, they were more likely to be caught.



2. Smart Smoke Detector

Securing your home doesn’t only include keeping the bad guys out. These days, you can use home security to more quickly catch disasters from occurring. A smart smoke detector and smart carbon monoxide detector will inform you of fires and gas leaks no matter where you are. While regular detectors are helpful when you’re home, there’s no way to know if there’s a fire or gas leak when you’re not home. Smart smoke detectors and smart carbon monoxide detectors get the proper authorities sent to your home before a small issue becomes a large disaster. You won’t have to wait for your neighbors to notice smoke coming from your home before the fire station is contacted. This is especially concerning for families with kids or aging parents who stay home alone.



3. Smart Garage

There is a myriad of reasons why your garage needs monitoring, too. Not only does it provide direct access to your home, but it’s also where a lot of homeowners store valuables. A garage usually stores tools, ATV’s and not to mention, your cars. All of these items are at risk for theft if someone were to break into your garage. With criminals being able to gain access to your garage in as little as six seconds, this is a device you’ll want to add to your home security system.


If you are missing these items, it may be time to reevaluate your home’s security system and consider adding these items to your plan. If you’re signed up with a reputable home security company, you should be able to add items at any time.

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