Home Security for Families with Special Needs

special needs home security

Not all families are the same and, therefore, don’t require the same solutions to keep everyone safe. When you’re considering home security for your family, there are many things you might need to consider to make sure your home and family are protected. Many times, a family with special needs has to consider who they are keeping in the home rather than out of the home. So speaking with a company that understands the needs of families with special needs can ensure that your family is as protected and cared for as possible. Here are some home security solutions you may find valuable:


Door Sensors

If you have a wandering child, as is common in Autism Spectrum Disorder, door sensors are the first line of security you’ll want. Whether you’re home or away while a babysitter is at your house, you’ll know immediately if the doors have been opened. This will give you a head start on bringing your child safely back into your home.


Window Sensors

Like door sensors, window sensors will give you a heads up if your child is trying to leave. When you arm your child’s bedroom windows with sensors, you’ll find it easier to rest at night, knowing that you’ll be alerted immediately if a window is opened. Door and window sensors are also tamper-proof, so there’s no worry about it being bypassed at any time.


 Ring Video Doorbell

If your child is independent enough to come and go as she pleases, there are still solutions to give you peace of mind. Having a ring doorbell is one way to keep an eye on your kids. You’ll know who’s coming and going without relying on your system being armed. Every time your Ring Doorbell senses motion at your door, you’ll get an alert. Not only can you stream live video, Ring Doorbell’s two-way talk will also enable you to speak to your child.

No matter what your family’s special needs are, there is a solution within home security. Contact a home security specialist today to see what other options can benefit your family.

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