A Ring Doorbell Is More Than Just a Way to See Who’s On Your Doorstep

ring doorbell

The Ring Doorbell has received a lot of attention and exploded in popularity since its first appearance in 2013. As the original video doorbell, it blurred the lines between home security and home automation. It has paved the way for new doorbells while always managing to stay ahead of the curve on design and technology. But in addition to the Ring Doorbell being convenient to see who’s on your doorstep, it’s so much more than that. Here are some ways homeowners use the Ring Doorbell that you might find useful for your family and situation:

Monitor Children

If your children are old enough to come and go as they please, you’ll find the ring video doorbell pretty handy. You’ll be alerted as soon as they get home and also when they leave. There’ll be no question whether your child made it home before curfew – it’ll all be caught on video. You can sleep a little easier at night knowing that you won’t have to take your teenager’s word for it.

Protect Your Family – Even When You’re Not Home

If you have children who are old enough to stay at home, but not old enough to answer the door for strangers, the Ring Doorbell comes in handy again. You’ll be able to any new guest and talk to them in real-time. This gives the appearance that an adult is at home, giving your family a little extra security while giving you a bit more peace of mind.

Record Suspicious Activity in Your Neighborhood

Lately, Ring Video Doorbells have received national praise for helping solve crimes. But these crimes aren’t only occurring on people’s doorsteps. Ring Doorbell cameras are also recording the street in front of your home. Police have been able to use Ring’s footage to identify suspicious vehicles and people to help them solve neighborhood crimes. With a Ring Doorbell, you can feel like you’re doing your part to protect your neighborhood, even when you’re not home.

Of course, there is the regular old convenience of the Ring Doorbell, too. Whether you’ve just woken up or stepped out of the shower, you won’t have to rush to get ready. You can check to see who’s at your door right from your phone and unwanted guests can easily be dismissed. Friends and family can be let in using a smart door lock or told to wait using two-way talk. The Ring Video Doorbell’s use is vast and it’s a must-have for any home security system.