Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Is Your Home Protected This Winter?

smart home security

Use Smart Home Security to Protect Your Greatest Asset

Winter is here and if you’re in a northern state, you’ve probably started taking some steps to winterize your home. But you may have missed a couple of key steps to making your home completely free of costly accidents. As we go deeper into winter, your home and assets are at greater risk of being impacted by freezing temperatures. Luckily, these 2 smart home security devices have you covered.


1. Smart Thermostat

Heating a house is expensive and we all want to save where we can. When people leave their houses in the winter, they have to take steps to keep their pipes from freezing. But the Nest Learning Thermostat makes leaving your house in the winter much more cost-effective. You can program your heater to be low on days that it’ll be warm. And you can bump it up on the days when you know it’s going to be below freezing. Additionally, you can turn up your heat on the way home so you come home to a warm house. 

And if you’re the forgetful type, you’ll never have to wonder whether you remembered to turn the heat up in the first place. Coming home to a flood from burst pipes is the last thing you want on vacation. Smart home security enables you to check your home’s temperature from anywhere, right from your phone.


2. Floor Sensor

In the unfortunate instance that you forget to turn your heat up and do have an incident with a burst pipe, there are at least some ways you can prevent a bad situation from becoming completely disastrous. While flood sensors are typically used in homes where there might be a faulty toilet or old pipes, they can be used as a backup sensor for homes in cold climates as well. If your home floods because of a burst pipe while you’re out of town, you’ll get a notification and be able to send someone over right away to take care of the situation. 


If you’re looking for unconventional ways to winterize your home, look into either of the two smart products above. When you bundle them with a smart home security system, you can be sure that your home is protected from the inside out.


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