Home Security and the Integration of Smart Home Devices

smart home devices

Comparing home security now to the home security grandma used to have is comparing apples to oranges. Sophisticated and technologically-stocked, homes security these days is the descendant of unattractive, simple systems of generations past. These days, home security does more than monitor home intrusions. Now, the integration of smart home devices gives you the power to fully monitor your own home. If you haven’t looked into home security in recent years, there are big changes you might’ve missed.


Integration With Smart Home Devices for Automation

Modern home security systems are much more multi-faceted than their older counterparts. The sole purpose of older systems was to secure a home. New systems can connect with a wide range of smart devices to link home automation with your security system to make your home easy to monitor and protect all from one system. Energy-saving devices like smart thermostats and smart light bulbs give you a way to automate your home and save money. With smart thermostats, you can program your home to be the perfect temperature year-round. Program your light bulbs to turn off when you’re usually in bed, or when you leave for work for extra convenience.


Integration With Smart Home Devices for Additional Security

Not only can you add smart devices to your home security system to make life a little easier. There are smart devices that offer additional safety features than the ones included in a basic smart home security system.

You can utilize smart smoke detectors and smart carbon monoxide detectors to monitor your home and family’s safety, especially when you’re away. You won’t have to wait for your neighbors to see smoke billowing from your house before the fire department is called. As soon as a fire or carbon monoxide is detected, you and the fire department will be notified. This prevents a bad situation from becoming completely disastrous.

Video doorbells also have the benefit of being convenient as well as safe. When they recognize motion, you’ll be notified and a clip of whoever is at your doorstep is recorded. You can use Ring’s two-way talk to give the impression that you’re home and to dismiss any unwanted visitors. Additionally, just having a smart doorbell is a way for people to know that you are protecting your home. Criminals have admitted that the presence of home security is enough to prevent criminals from breaking into a home. And now that the holiday season is here, you can use a video doorbell as an extra step to deter package thefts.


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