Which Smart Devices Help Reduce Emissions?

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January is an excellent time to set New Year’s resolutions. This year many people are setting goals to live more sustainably. It’s an admirable goal, but it can be difficult to know where to begin. 20% of all U.S. emissions come from homes, making your home an excellent place to start your sustainability efforts. Upgrading your house with smart devices, such as a smart lighting, will help you decrease your carbon footprint. Here are a few devices that will help you live more sustainably in 2020:

Nest Thermostat

The Nest Smart Thermostat is the device that could potentially help you reduce your emissions the most. It also has the added benefit of decreasing your utility bill each month, so it’s a financially solid investment.

This thermostat adjusts the temperature based on your schedule. You can raise and lower the temperature to be more energy efficient when you’re not home, and this thermostat will get it back to a comfortable level before you get home.

You can also control the Nest thermostat from your app even when you’re not home. So if you get stuck at the office one day longer than usual, you can adjust the temperature schedule so you won’t be wasting any resources while you’re gone.

One of the best features of this smart thermostat is the monthly energy reports and the alerts you’re given when your settings are energy efficient. This device will completely change your energy consumption habits.

Smart Light Bulbs

A great way to be more energy efficient is to replace your old, incandescent light bulbs with smart light bulbs. These bulbs produce the same amount of light as traditional light bulbs while using a fraction of the energy.

Smart light bulbs can also be controlled with your phone. No more worrying about whether or not you turned out the lights before your vacation. No more realizing you left the light on in the other room just as you’re falling asleep. You’ll be able to turn it off without getting out of bed.

You’ll also be able to set these lights to run on a schedule. If you have a hard time waking up in the morning, you may want to set your smart lighting system to turn on slowly as you wake up. It’ll feel just like

Smart Light Dimmer

If your current light bulbs are going strong and you don’t want to simply throw them out, a good alternative is a smart plug-in dimmer module. This device lets you plug any lamp in and turn off and on, or even dim the lights from anywhere you are.

A smart lighting system that uses smart light bulbs or a smart light dimmer is an excellent way to decrease your carbon footprint. Make 2020 the year of living more sustainably!


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