The Best Home Security Camera Has These 3 Features

Best Home Security Camera

No home security system is complete with security cameras. Surveillance cameras are able to reduce crime significantly in homes. Everyone has different needs when it comes to home security, but while searching for the best home security camera, everyone should pay attention to these three features.

1. Wide Range of Vision

The best home security camera will never leave you vulnerable to blind spots. Skilled burglars know how to sneak past cameras by hiding in corners. When you’re deciding between different camera options, you’ll want to choose a camera with a 140-degree range of motion or higher.

If you prefer a camera with a smaller range of vision because you like its size or the price tag, try implementing cameras in strategic places so every blind spot is covered. A security system that is easy to bypass is nearly as dangerous as having no security system at all.

2. Two-Way Audio

Many cameras provide excellent images and a wide range of vision, but they lack audio. To get the most out of your investment in a security camera, look for the two-way audio feature. This not only allows you to more easily identify intruders with voice recordings, but you can also deter package thieves or communicate with kids while at home.

The two-way talk feature is especially important if an intruder enters the house while kids are present. A face-to-face confrontation between an intruder and a child is one of the scariest imaginable circumstances for most parents.

If an intruder enters the house while your children are home, but you are not, you can fool a burglar into thinking an adult is present by speaking through your security camera. Burglars will typically run at the first sign of being caught. These cameras are the easiest way to keep your family safe.

3. Image Quality

One of the most important qualities in your security system is having a camera with excellent image quality. While searching for the best home security camera, you should really only look at cameras with recording ability of 1080 pixels HD resolution or better.

A few of the most popular cameras record at 780 pixels. While these cameras are still helpful because they can scare thieves away, the image is often too blurry to identify an intruder that does enter your house. Be sure to look into the image quality during the night as well. Many break-ins occur after the sun goes down. You want your camera to catch intruders at any time.

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