These 3 Ring Doorbell Camera Videos Will Instantly Brighten Your Day

ring doorbell camera

Who knew that a device invented for convenience and home security would lead to so many heartwarming and hilarious moments? These three stories are so delightful, they’ll make you wish you had a ring doorbell camera on your own home. Check out the following stories!

1. A Sweet Father-Son Moment

Every parent knows it can be hard to be away from your kids. This adorable moment takes place when a boy wants to ask his dad how to turn on the TV, so he calls him using the doorbell! The boy makes sure to tell his dad how much he loves him before the conversation is over! So cute! Definitely a 21st-century kid!

2. The Cutest Puppy Trying To Get In The House

Have you ever wished you had a camera ready for those moments when your pet is being adorable? A Washington family’s sweet, little golden retriever snuck out of his home one night. He uses the doorbell to try to alert his owners that he needs help getting back in! The doorbell camera records the whole thing. Poor guy! Check out the video here!

3. The Funniest Family Moment Caught on Ring Doorbell Camera

When your brother-in-law accidentally tries to get into the wrong house, and the police show up, you know you’ll never let him live that down. Luckily, in this case, there was a video recording. The Ring Video Doorbell lets you record the best moments, so you can relive them over and over again. Watch this hilarious video here!

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