home security systems in utah

With just over 3 million residents, Utah is one of the most beautiful states in the U.S. The beautiful nature and wonderful neighborhoods make it a perfect place to settle down. One of the first questions many people have after settling down in the Beehive state is whether or not it’s worth it to invest in home security systems in Utah.

Do I need to worry about crime in my Utah neighborhood?

The good news for Utah residents is that it consistently ranks in the top 15 safest states in the nation. However, this ranking is largely due to the safety statistics of the many rural areas and low-density cities. When looking at the urbanized regions of Utah, the crime rates are slightly higher. 

Residents of Salt Lake County should be the most on guard for property crime because this is the region where it occurs most commonly. In Salt Lake City proper, crime is higher than in most other areas of the country. It’s considered safer than only 2% of other U.S. cities. Residents of this city should be especially careful to safeguard their belongings.

While many people think of Salt Lake County as the only dangerous area in Utah, the Ogden area to the North has a high rate of gang activity causing concerns of violent crime. Residents living in or near Ogden, should take precautions to protect themselves against this risk. 

Does home security actually prevent crime?

While some homeowners are aware of the risks, they aren’t sure if home security systems are actually effective in minimizing those risks. Are there really fewer break-ins, thefts, and home intrusions in areas with security systems?

One news source interviewed current inmates who’d been arrested for break-ins. These former burglars were all in agreement that if a home alarm went off, they’d get out of the home as quickly as possible. 

Some of the inmates said they wouldn’t think to target a home with visible cameras or signs of a professionally monitored security system. 

What are the costs?

While there are many benefits to home security systems in Utah homes, there’s still the cost to think about. Will it fit in the family budget? Luckily, you have a lot of options when it comes to home security finances. Try looking around at a few providers and compare pricing plans. If you find a plan that’s too expensive, there’s almost certainly an alternative that can fit better to your needs.

Still unsure?

If you’re still on the fence as to whether or not a security system is right for you, try looking at all the options. Try a system that allows you to customize your package if you’re worried about budget or other unique needs.  The most important thing is for you to feel safe in your home and in your neighborhood.

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