home security monitoring system

Have you noticed a neighbor or friend installing a home security monitoring system, recently? These systems are rising in popularity all over the country. Is it time to join your neighbors in adding some extra protection to your home? How do you choose the best option for you? We’ve put together a list of questions to ask yourself while looking at the options.

Should I choose a monitored or unmonitored system?

The first decision you’ll need to make is whether you want a monitored or an unmonitored system. When you have a monitored system, you’ll have trained professionals actively monitoring your house at all times. When an alert goes off, these professionals contact you as well as emergency responders, if necessary.

While unmonitored systems are also able to send you alerts, the professionally monitored systems are able to make up for moments when you are unable to quickly respond to the situation as well as times when you don’t immediately notice alerts. Monitored systems tend to be much more effective at preventing burglaries. 

Most monitored security systems include a monthly fee. Because of these, some homeowners on a budget opt for an unmonitored system. While you won’t have a monthly payment if you choose an unmonitored system, the upfront costs tend to be much higher. It can take months to recoup the costs of the equipment. Many professionally monitored systems install equipment for little to no costs. 

Do home security monitoring systems really work?

While increased safety at home sounds nice, do home security monitoring systems actually decrease crime? Are there really fewer thefts, break-ins, and home intrusions in areas with security systems?

According to a recent interview with current inmates who were arrested for break-ins or burglary attempts. These former burglars agreed that when a home alarm went off, they’d get out of the home as quickly as possible, leaving any valuables behind.

Similarly, multiple inmates reported that they nearly always avoided homes with visible security cameras or other signs of a home security monitoring system. This interview was highly informative and showed that security systems really do prevent crime.

What if I don’t want all the bells and whistles?

A common hesitation for people considering home security is that security packages often include devices that are unnecessary for every home. Each home has different needs, so you don’t want to pay for unnecessary items. To solve this problem, look for a security provider that allows customization. With a customized package, you can stay budget-friendly without sacrificing safety.

I’m still unsure. Are there any other benefits?

Yes! There are tons of benefits to installing a security system that most people don’t think about. For example, these systems can increase your property value. Many homeowners choose to leave security equipment behind when selling their houses. This is typically a major selling point for prospective buyers.

Even if you choose to take your equipment with you after a move, a visible security system is still an advantage while showing the house to potential buyers. When buyers see your system it adds to the comfortable and secure atmosphere in your neighborhood. Buyers are willing to pay higher prices when they feel comfortable and safe.

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