home security for apartments

While security systems have long been popular in single-family homes, apartment-dwellers are realizing how important it is to install home security for apartments. Apartments and houses have different types of security risks. It’s important to find a system that accounts for those differences. 

How is home security for apartments different?

The security risks vary greatly between apartments and houses. In a house, it’s easy for an intruder to kick open a door. This is uncommon in apartments, however, because neighbors would likely notice the sound. Instead, the most common method of entry for apartment burglaries is through balcony doors or windows near fire escapes.

Many apartment-dwellers don’t realize unlocked windows and doors are security risks. These areas are often left unattended or unlocked. A security system that monitors these access points will improve the safety in the apartment.

Unknown spare keys are another major security risk in apartments. It’s recommended that you change the locks every time an apartment has a change of tenants or owners. Sadly, this does not always happen. It’s easy for this task to become a low priority.

This leads to spare keys floating around, leaving you highly vulnerable in your apartment. Installing cameras in the house solves this problem. Security cameras alert you if an unauthorized person attempts to access your apartment.

What if I’m a renter?

If you don’t own your residence, you may be hesitant to invest in a security system. Most people believe security systems are only worth it in the long term. However, this is not actually true.

If you are renting an apartment, you might be able to split the cost of a security system with your landlord. This makes it affordable for you to protect your belongings. It also helps the landlord improve the value of their rental property. 

If your landlord is not interested in splitting this cost with you, you may have to pay the full price for the system. If this is the case, you’ll probably want to take the system with you when you move. Some people think a security system must remain with a home forever, but, in fact, these systems can be easily transferred to new locations.

Look for a security provider that will work with you to reinstall your system when you move to a new home. This makes your system worthwhile in the long term, no matter how many times you relocate.

What if I’m a landlord?

If you choose to rent out your apartment, you might wonder if installing a security system is worth it. Some landlords believe it is the tenant’s responsibility to protect their belongings while inside the property. Unfortunately, this is not entirely the case.

Landlords are required to provide a safe and secure environment for tenants. This means that a break-in or burglary could lead to a legal battle with a tenant. If you want to protect yourself from this risk, a security system is a good way to go.

Not only does home security protect you from legal issues,  but it also adds value to your property. Tenants are willing to pay a higher price for an apartment that is well-protected. It’s also a bonus for many renters if the apartment has automation products such as smart thermostats and video doorbells.