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The Summer months are here and the temperature is rising fast. This doesn’t mean your utility bills have to rise, though. Keep your monthly bills budget-friendly with these three smart home automation devices. 

Smart Thermostat

Cooling your home can be a huge strain on your budget during the Summer months. Especially in desert climates, air conditioning is essential. Already, during May some desert states like Arizona and Nevada have seen record-breaking and emergency-level high temperatures. With extreme Summer temperatures, it may seem impossible to keep energy-use down. 

Smart thermostats are a life-saver during the Summer. These smart devices keep you cool, while saving money. The best thing about having a smart thermostat in your home is that it lets you be smart about energy-efficiency through very little effort of your own. 

Your smart thermostat learns your daily routines. It adjusts the temperature while you’re away, but cools the house before you return home. These thermostats are programmed to save you money and use less energy. With a smart thermostat, your utility bills will decrease, and you won’t even notice a temperature change. 

Smart Lighting

Most people are aware of the energy savings that come with turning off your lights, but it can be difficult to remember to flip the switch every time you leave a room. With smart lighting, you can check which lights in your house were left on using just your phone. 

During the Summer months, many families spend more time away from home on vacations or doing outdoor activities. When you’re hours into a road trip, it’s nice to be able to check that you aren’t wasting energy with a forgotten light. 

Not only do smart lights save electricity, they also help keep a room cooler. Most people don’t realize it, but light bulbs are a heat source that make your home hotter in the Summer. Your cooling system won’t need to work as hard to keep your home comfortable when you dim the lights using a smart dimmer. 

Reduce Insurance Costs

Many people are aware of smart home automation devices like smart thermostats and light bulbs, but products  such as high-quality smoke detectors and flood sensors can also be included with a smart home system. An awesome benefit of installing these safety devices is that it often lowers home insurance rates. 

Old and worn-out smoke detectors cause many house fires to go undetected for too long. High-quality detectors help you catch a house fire before damage can be done. Because of this,  many insurance companies will reward your proactive safety efforts when you install a smart smoke detector

Similarly, flood sensors prevent leaking windows and flooding basements to cause any costly damages. Insurance companies save money when homes have these sensors installed, so often, your insurance rates will decrease.

Build up some savings or plan a fun vacation this Summer with the extra money you’ll make with these money-save smart home automation devices. 

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