business security alarm systems

The security industry is constantly evolving and updating. If it’s been a while since your business updated its security systems, it may be time to make a change. You work hard to build a business, so it’s important to keep it safe. Here are three reasons to consider an update to your business security alarm systems:

1. Remote Monitoring

It can be tough not to worry about how things are running back home when you have to step away. Remote monitoring solves this problem. Whether you’re taking a family vacation or you have an important meeting out of town, with an updated alarm system, you can check on your building using just your phone.

Modern alarm systems often have apps that allow users to check video footage at any time. If an alarm was triggered or a motion sensor goes off, you’ll be alerted quickly through your app. You can check the video footage to see if everything is in order, and then rest easy knowing your business is safe while you’re away.

2. Modern Solutions to Building Access

If your office still hands out traditional keys to employees, it is time for an upgrade. It’s easy for a loose copy of a key to get into the wrong hands. It’s also hard to track who is entering the building with old-fashioned keys. 

Updated security systems allow you to give personalized codes to employees. You’ll know who is in the building and when they arrived. This not only protects you from unwanted visitors, but it also keeps employees safe. It helps emergency responders know how many people are on-site in the event of a fire, earthquake, or other disaster. 

3. Integrated Automation Devices

One of the best things about modern business security alarm systems is that they easily integrate with other smart devices. You can add smart lighting or a learning thermostat to your office building as part of your security system.

Your smart thermostat will save your business money each month by improving energy efficiency. You can get detailed reports on energy consumption and create heating and cooling plans while using the same app that you use for your alarm system. Smart lights also allow you to decrease energy usage, but they have other benefits as well. You can program your lights to respond to specific actions like a motion sensor or an open door. This is convenient for you and your employees because you won’t have to turn the lights on, but it also improves security.

If the light suddenly turns on as soon as a motion sensor is triggered, any potential burglars are likely to be scared away. They may think there is an employee or a security guard present. The light also makes it more likely that security cameras will get a strong image, therefore, burglars will be more easily identified. 

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