How To Choose The Right Security Company

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You should know what you’re getting when you sign up for a home security plan. There a lot more companies out there now and the choice can be daunting. So, here is a little guide to help you know the right questions to ask a home security company to make sure you’re getting the best coverage possible and the most bang for your buck.


Outlining a budget is an important step in every new endeavor including picking a home security company.  It’s hard to put a price tag on what your security is worth but most everyone prefers to get the best bang for their buck. Your family’s security is important but it should be affordable. 



Depending on which home security company you choose, the monitoring coverage can be drastically different. Some companies don’t offer to monitor at all; they call these “self-monitoring” systems. This means that when an alarm is triggered it notifies the homeowners and no additional emergency services. Conversely, professional security companies like WISE offer 24/7 monitoring 365 days a year.


WiFi vs Cellular

It’s important to know how your home security system works before you buy it. Nowadays the most commonly used systems use either Wi-Fi or a cellular source to operate. WiFi-based systems use your internet connection to send you alerts and give you real-time access to the devices in your home. It works great, but the system is not entirely reliable. If you don’t have a battery backup, a power outage can lose access to your security system and leave your house unarmed. And even if you do have a backup battery, there are devices that can temporarily jam WiFi signals that burglars can use to disarm your system and gain access to your home.

Cellular-based monitoring systems are the most reliable method of home security.  They use encrypted codes to send signals from your control panel to the cell towers. Be sure to ask the reps you’re talking to about which monitoring system they use.


Choosing A Plan

Lastly, there a couple of things you should ask about when choosing a plan. The most important being is there an option to customizing a plan. There is nothing more annoying than a salesperson pushing products on you that you don’t need. Having an option to customize and build your own plan is great because it gives you, the customer, complete control. This way you can pick exactly the devices that you need and nothing you don’t.  You should also ask if there is an option in the future to upgrade your plan. Maybe you decide later on that you want to add some home automation devices to your home security plan. You should in advance if that option is available to you.


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