Have More Fun This Season with These Four Winter Activities

Light is a common tradition among winter holidays and festivals—the lights on a Christmas tree, the candles on a menorah or kinara, Bodhi Day string lights, and Yule logs, to name a few. Perhaps this is in part because, in the darkest months of the year, people have wanted to add light. As we enter what are also the coldest months, you can make them warmer by adding some fun. Here’s a list of four winter activities to get you started.

1. Snow Siege

If you live in a place that gets snow, you’ve probably participated in a snowball fight. If you want to take it a step further, you could have a snow siege. Like capture the flag, both teams have a base—in this case, a snow fort—and an item the players need to defend. You could use a flag, or you could find something wintery like a scarf or double holiday decoration.
Instead of tagging players like in capture the flag, they throw snowballs at each other (you will want to establish rules about how hard and where players can throw snowballs so that no one gets pelted in the face by the little league baseball pitcher). If a player gets hit, they need to return to their fort and make a snow angel before reentering the game. Whoever takes the opposite team’s flag and brings it back to their snow fort wins.

It could be a fun activity for the whole family, or it’s something the kids would enjoy but you’d rather not. In that case, you could stay inside and do something warmer. If you have outdoor cameras, you can keep an eye on the kids without needing to leave your project. They should know this is a friendly competition, but if it turns into a fight, you can intervene.

2. Gingerbread Cookies

For those who are against going out in the cold and want winter activities that don’t involve freezing, here’s one for date night, a family activity, or a baking project you can do on your own. Making gingerbread houses is a common tradition, but it’s often tricky to construct the house without it falling apart. They can also be wasteful. You bake the cookie for the house and buy the candy needed to decorate it. Then, you use it as a decoration, only to throw it away at the end of the season. Some people eat them, but when cookies and candy sit out for days, they tend to get hard and nasty. If there are pets in the home, eating the gingerbread house is an even more questionable decision. It could have fur on it, and the pet might have licked it to sample this offering from its humans.

As a yummier, less wasteful option, you could decorate gingerbread cookies. You could go with the traditional gingerbread men or get creative with the cookie cutters you have around. A basic circle could become a snowman’s head, and why not pull out those animal cookie cutters while you’re at it? Just don’t eat the cat and dog-shaped cookies in front of your pets if you think it will make them nervous.

3. Share the Joy

If you make more cookies than you know what to do with, you could turn it into a family outing and deliver some to friends and neighbors. If someone isn’t home but they have a video doorbell, you can leave the cookies on the porch and give a quick greeting to their camera so they know who the cookies are from when they get home later.

4. Movie Night

After you’ve had a snow siege or delivered cookies, you might decide it’s time for something warmer. Make some hot chocolate and curl up with some blankets for a movie night (blankets are optional but recommended for maximum coziness). You could watch a Christmas classic or have a Lord of the Rings marathon in commemoration of the first movie’s 20th anniversary this month.

However you decide to enjoy the winter, we at WISE Home solutions wish you the happiest of holidays.

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