Smart Devices for Cats That Owners Will Love

Cat owners love making their fur babies happy. They give them toys, scratching posts, beds, the best boxes that come in the mail, and whatever else they deem prudent for giving their cat a good home. In the rapid advancement of technology, people have found ways of using smart devices to keep cats safe, entertained, and well taken care of. Some devices have been designed with the owner in mind. Now, owning a pet is easier than ever. Here are three smart devices for cats you will love.

1. GPS Tracker

Perhaps you have a cat that you can’t trust outside. He’d eat something he’s not supposed to or get stuck climbing a neighbor’s tree. But he’s a little escape artist, so he sometimes slips past your decision that he’s an indoor-only cat. On one of such days, you’ve been looking for him more than an hour, but he’s nowhere to be found. Maybe you have a cat that’s allowed outside. It’s time for her to come inside for the night, but she isn’t responding to your calls or promise of a treat.

Whatever the case, if you’ve ever not been able to find your cat, you know how nerve-wracking it can be. The first of our smart devices for cats will make it so you’ll always know where your cat is. Attach a GPS tracker to your cat’s collar, and finding your pet is a simple task of tracking it from your phone. Some trackers come with additional health and fitness monitoring features. If you want something basic that doesn’t require a subscription, plenty of options are available.

2. Self-Cleaning Litter Box

One of the main advantages of cats over other pets is that they can be litter box trained. Then, you just have to clean a litter box instead of checking your entire yard or cleaning an entire cage. The disadvantage is that you have to clean a litter box.

With a self-cleaning litter box, you can simplify this chore. After your cat does its business, the box will scoop itself, and you just need to empty the waste drawer. Some smart litter boxes will detect when your cat enters and leaves. Then, it will wait a set amount of time to ensure the cat is gone before scooping. This way, it doesn’t frighten your scaredy-cat into not wanting to use the litter box that makes intimidating noises.

3. Smart Feeder

Everyone who has cats knows they like being fed at a consistent schedule. And the cat picks the schedule. Should you fail to comply, you will be subject to incessant meowing until you correct the error of your ways.

There are days you won’t be around to give your cat dinner on time, though. Sometimes, circumstances arise that make it so you don’t get home until late, and you feel bad that you’ve kept your kitty waiting so long. With a smart feeder, you can avoid this. All you need to do is pour food in the feeder’s storage tank and schedule when to dispense food and what portion size, and it does the rest. Want to go out to dinner after the matinee or afternoon game? Go for it. Your cat isn’t waiting for you to get home before it can eat.

Maybe your cat eats all the food that is supposed to last from morning to dinner too fast, which makes it sick. To prevent this, you can program your smart feeder to dispense more meals with smaller portion sizes throughout the day. If you’re really lucky, your cat will learn you don’t need to be around for it to get breakfast, so it will stop meowing at you at insane o’clock in the morning.

If you have multiple cats, get a selective cat feeder. When a cat walks up to the bowl, the feeder will know which of your cats it is via a collar tag. It will dispense the appropriate amount for that cat. Should you have a cat on a special diet, you can use multiple selective feeders. Put the diet food in a feeder that will only respond to the special diet cat, and put regular food in a feeder that will only respond to the other cats.

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