Three Unique Uses for Security Cameras You Haven’t Thought of

We typically think of security cameras as a means of preventing crime and identifying criminals. However, they can have many other uses. You’ve probably heard about using indoor cameras to keep an eye on kids, babysitters, and elderly parents. You might have heard of using indoor cameras with audio capabilities as an intercom system. But here are three unique but handy uses of security cameras.

1. Pest Control

Every gardener knows how frustrating it is to discover something has been eating their flowers or crops. It’s even more frustrating if you don’t know who the thief is. Different critters require different pest control methods. If you’re contending with a raccoon, then a squirrel trap isn’t going to do you any good. Just like how you can use security cameras to aid in identifying human thieves, you can use them to help you identify furry thieves. Point the camera at your garden and wait. Upon reviewing the footage, you’ll know what you’re dealing with, and you’ll be able to take the measures needed to protect your garden.

You may even decide to use a camera that makes a noise when it detects motion. Then, it can scare off the invasive critters before they get a chance to steal anything. You will want to consider where you live before installing a garden alarm, though. If you have close neighbors, they might not appreciate the noise, especially if the garden thief drops by late at night.

2. Time-Lapse Videos

Have you ever done a project like building a shed or patio and thought it could have been fun to film a time-lapse of it for your DIY YouTube channel or simply to share your accomplishment on social media? Some home security cameras have time-lapse settings that enable you to do this. Position your security camera to have a good view of your work area and adjust the camera settings so that it records a time-lapse. Since many security cameras can capture high-definition footage, you could get a decent-quality video without any fancy recording equipment.

3. Insurance Claim Documentation

You get homeowner’s insurance hoping you will never need it. When you do need it, it’s a pain. Not only are you dealing with a major disaster at home, but you’re also jumping through all your insurance company’s hoops. You wish they’d just help you already! You’ll discover the process goes more smoothly if you have good evidence of the damage. Your security cameras can provide you with valuable footage to submit as documentation.

The next time your basement floods, go into your camera’s cloud storage and pull any footage you may need from before, during, and after the flood. Better yet, install a flood sensor. Since you’ll receive an alert when the sensor detects water, you’ll know about the flood before it becomes as big of a problem, and you’ll be able to take measures to limit the amount of damage you’ll have to work through with your security company.

What unique uses for security cameras have you used? Let us know in the comments.

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