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Do I Really Need Smart Home Automation?

With all the new smart devices available, you may feel a little lost on what you do or don’t need. And you may be wondering why you would need smart home automation at all. The main selling point of smart home products is their ability to make life easier and maybe even a little fun, […]

Surprising Crime Rates in Utah

Unfortunately, many people are under the wrong impression regarding how safe their city truly is. Many times, we are comfortable in our neighborhoods and may not be aware of the crimes occurring, especially when they’re less violent crimes like property theft. This is also true of people who haven’t yet been the victim of crimes. […]

Crime in Retirement Communities: What You Should Know

Every year, a list of the best places to retire is released. They base the ratings off of reported happiness, affordability of housing, and several other factors. Unfortunately, crime rates are not considered in these reports. But a bit of research will show that the crime rates in retirement communities are fairly high. So what […]

Securing the Most Vulnerable Areas of Your Home

Many of us want to secure our homes, families, and assets, but finding the right home security system can seem like a daunting task. What do we protect first? Where are the usual points of entry for a suspect? Is there anything we can do to deter a criminal in the first place? All of […]

Our 3 Favorite, Lesser-Known Smart Home Devices

If you’re shopping around for a home security system, you may notice that many companies offer the same basic packages. You’ll usually receive a control panel and a few door and window sensors. But those are not the only parts available to make a comprehensive home security system. There are plenty of lesser-known devices to […]