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Is the Ring Solar Panel Worth the Cost?

Some of the most popular items for a home security system are exterior cameras like the Ring Spotlight Cam. They provide you with a clear picture of who arrives and leaves your home while you’re away. A home alarm system on its own is great for catching someone in the act. But an exterior camera […]


How Much Does Home Security Cost? Well, It Depends.

Here’s a loaded question if we’ve ever seen one: how much does home security cost, exactly? The quick answer is “it depends”. It might seem like a cop-out, but there are so many facets to home security that not very many people consider when they’re shopping around. The equipment, the type of connection, and whether […]


Best Places to Put Home Security Cameras

All home security devices serve a purpose. A home alarm system is the foundation of home security and necessary to make sure that your home is completely secured. But if you want to be able to fully monitor your home, adding exterior security cameras is a great idea. You’ll just want to make sure that […]


Home Security and the Integration of Smart Home Devices

Comparing home security now to the home security grandma used to have is comparing apples to oranges. Sophisticated and technologically-stocked, homes security these days is the descendant of unattractive, simple systems of generations past. These days, home security does more than monitor home intrusions. Now, the integration of smart home devices gives you the power […]

Home Security for Families with Special Needs

Not all families are the same and, therefore, don’t require the same solutions to keep everyone safe. When you’re considering home security for your family, there are many things you might need to consider to make sure your home and family are protected. Many times, a family with special needs has to consider who they […]