How Much Does Home Security Cost? Well, It Depends.


Here’s a loaded question if we’ve ever seen one: how much does home security cost, exactly? The quick answer is “it depends”. It might seem like a cop-out, but there are so many facets to home security that not very many people consider when they’re shopping around. The equipment, the type of connection, and whether it’s professionally installed, for example. Here are the biggest differences between home security systems and your expected cost of home security. 


Wired, Wifi, or Cellular?

Security systems are not created equal. While all older systems were wired, most run wirelessly now. If you’re offered a wired system, it would be wise for you to shop around for a company offering current equipment. Most criminals know that simply cutting your power or system’s wires will disable it. This leaves those types of systems useless. 


As far as wireless systems go, even the quality of those connections varies. With most do-it-yourself and cheap home security systems, you’re most likely using WiFi connectivity. That means your home and family’s security is dependent on how well your Internet is working–if it’s even connected. Faulty wireless signals and power outages leave your home and family at risk for system failures.


The best type of wireless system connection is cellular. This is the same type of connectivity that your cell phone has. This means during a power outage, your system will remain armed. This is the most reliable home security connection you can expect from the best home security companies.


Equipment Quality 

Next, when you’re considering how much does home security cost, you’ll have to take a look at the equipment. Is the control panel included an outdated 10-key pad like your parents had? Or is it a touch-screen home security hub that can control all your home’s devices?

And about those devices: is the quality of the cheaper company’s cameras the same as you’d be getting with a more expensive system? Are they offering wireless, not hardwired? Consider your ability to monitor your home with a more basic system versus one with all the bells and whistles.

It’s easy when you’re comparing companies to look at pricing and simply pick the cheapest home security just to save on costs. But you’ll also want to make sure you know what you’re getting. Take the time to look around and not only compare home security costs, but service, equipment, and connectivity. When it comes down to it, you’re going to realize that premium home security is worth the cost. 


Final Considerations

So the answer to the question “how much does home security costs” is still “it depends”. You have to decide what home security is worth to you and your family. And depending on what you choose, you can expect to pay $40 to upwards of $100 or more for professional home security. Do-it-yourself systems are generally less, but this is one case of getting what you pay for.

A smart decision is to find a home security startup. These companies typically have less overhead and are trying to make a name for themselves. In addition, they’re willing to work with you on a price that will fit your budget, giving you the same service and system as a larger company, at a much lower cost. 

What to Expect When You Request a Home Security Quote

If you’re wondering what to expect when you call to get a quote for home security, you’re not alone. Many of our customers feel a bit lost on where to begin when they’re looking for home security. Luckily, our specialists can guide you and find the best solution for your situation. But first, if you’re thinking about getting monitored home security, the best thing to do is to check out companies’ online reviews. A company can talk themselves up as much as they want, but online reviews tell the true story from homeowners just like you. Be sure to visit a company’s website and see what they have to offer as well.

With WISE, you have the option of choosing from pre-assembled packages, but it’s best to get a quote that is specific to your home and needs. This is especially helpful if you’re just not sure where to begin. A WISE specialist can walk you through to see what is best for your situation. A customized quote takes only about 10-15 minutes.

Here’s what to expect when you call WISE for a monitored home security quote:


Customizing Your System

Step by step, a WISE specialist will ask you specific questions about your home. You’ll have to know how many doors and windows you have to make sure you’re covered. You’ll also go over other products that can make your life easier. This includes smart devices like Smart Garage, Ring Video Doorbell, and smart thermostats. It’s helpful if you look at the products ahead of time, too. This way, you can see if there’s something you’d want that you didn’t think of like of initially.


The Specifics of Your Agreement

After you’ve added all the devices you need and want, the specialist will run down the monthly cost for your custom system. He’ll also outline the length of the agreement you would like. The reason for an agreement is so that you’ll have peace of mind knowing that a company is not going to raise its prices on you after 6 months or a year. Unfortunately, this is an unfair practice that is commonly seen in home security.


Accepting the Quote

After you’ve done your homework and realized WISE has the best customer service, pricing, and products – if we do say so ourselves – you can accept our quote. Since you’re entering an agreement, you’ll have to go through a quick credit check. Next, you’ll schedule to have your system installed. Same-day installs are available in select areas, and most customers can expect their system to be installed within a week. A licensed professional will make sure your home is set with all the equipment you agreed to, in just a couple of hours. He will also show you how to use your system, making sure you’re comfortable with it before he leaves.

Now that you know what to expect, all that is left is to enjoy your newfound peace of mind, knowing that your home and family are more secure with a WISE Home Solutions monitored home security system.