With smart light bulbs, you can now turn on/off, and dim the lights in your home no matter where you are.

If you’re looking to make your home energy efficient, these light bulbs are here to help. These bulbs use only 9 watts to achieve a 60-watt brightness, and along with your ability to turn on and off lights from anywhere, you save both money and energy.

Smart light bulbs are cost-efficient, energy-efficient, and simple to include in your current security network. With our no-hassle upgrade option, you can change your old bulbs for smart ones any time you want, and make controlling your home a little more convenient.

  • Description

    – Turn lights on and off with your WISE app

    – Dim or brighten lights with your WISE app

    – Set lights on a schedule or at your convenience, and do it all remotely

  • Specs

    – Works with all standard light fixtures and lamps (E26 base)

    – No wiring required

    – 750 Lumens

    – Soft White (2,700K Temp)

    – Consumes only 9 watts of power for up to 25,000 hours (approximately 22 years at 3 hours per day)