The tilt sensor can let you know the status of the garage door by sending a transmission to your control panel when the sensor is tilted to 45°, which lets you know the door is open.

This sensor isn’t just for garage doors. It can be used on mailbox doors, large doggy doors, or hinged storm cellar doors. If the sensor is removed at all, a signal will be sent to notify you that someone is attempting to tamper with it.

You’ll always know the status of your garage door with the tilt sensor, and never have to worry about leaving a hole in your home security.

  • Description

    – Wireless sensor

    – Makes sure garage doors, mailbox doors, large pet doors, or hinged storm cellar doors are closed

    – Sends a signal to the control panel when sensor is tilted to 45°

    – Sends a signal when sensor is returned to less than 45°

  • Specs

    – Easy to install

    – Long life lithium battery, with a signal when battery voltage is too low

    – Tamper proof