Here’s How The Ring Doorbell Security Camera Makes Social Distancing Easier

Recently, homeowners with security and home automation systems have noticed an unexpected benefit from the Ring Doorbell security camera. Many people install this doorbell for security purposes, but in these uncertain times, smart doorbells are instead helping people stay healthy.

If you’ve paid attention to the outbreak of Covid-19 (coronavirus) for the last bit, you’re now practicing social distancing. For most of us, it hasn’t been easy. It’s tough to adjust to remote work, kids at home all day, and minimal face-to-face interactions. Here’s how Ring video doorbells have made that burden easier:

Outdoor Playtime for Kids

Many parents are not only dealing with the stress of a completely new work environment, but also with taking care of kids that are out of school. The Ring Doorbell security camera is helping parents keep an eye on kids without having to be physically present.

When kids play in the front yard, you can use the video feature to check that they are being safe. It allows you to be sure your kids are staying out of the street and keeping an appropriate distance away from people that walk by. Many working moms and dads are feeling especially grateful for this feature right now.

Neighborhood Visits

One of the hardest parts of social distancing is the inability to visit friends and neighbors. However, neighborhoods with Ring Doorbells are able to keep up a sense of community by allowing neighbors to visit each other virtually.

If you’re tired of being at home, feel free to visit your neighbors who have Ring Doorbells. These neighbors are able to virtually answer the door and hold a conversation, all while avoiding the risk of infection.

Food and Package Delivery

While most restaurants are closed for dining-in, many are open for delivery. Homeowners with a doorbell camera are keeping both themselves and delivery people safe, by checking their video feed to know when food has arrived, and the coast is clear to come outside.

This contact-free delivery method works with any type of package. If you or someone in your household has a compromised immune system, it’s a good idea to limit trips to the store as much as possible. If an item you need is available for delivery, take advantage of that. Order the product, get notified when it arrives, and be sure it’s safe to claim it.

Although many things about this time are difficult, thanks to 21st-century technology, we have many ways to adapt and maintain a sense of our regular lives.

Landline or Wireless Home Security Systems: How to Know Which Is Best


When you’re in the market for a reliable home security systems, it can feel overwhelming trying to decide on the best system for you. There are so many different options and so many choices to make. You know you want a trustworthy and dependable company. You’ve probably also narrowed down your price range. One thing many people don’t think about, though, is which type of connection they want. You’ll have to choose between cellular and wireless home security systems. Unless you have experience with home security, though, how can you know which is best? Here are the pros and cons of these two common types of systems:

Landline Home Security Systems

This type of system used to be the most common, but now it’s frequently being replaced with more up-to-date technology. The benefit of using a landline system is that it may be cheaper than other options. The downside, though, is that it’s easy for intruders to get around.

When landline security systems were first put in homes all over the country, burglars learned that simply cutting a wire would lead to easy access to any home. Because of this, it’s better to go with another option. If you already have landline security system technology installed, it might be a good time for an upgrade.

Wireless Home Security Systems

The more reliable option is to go with a wireless system. These systems are very difficult for burglars to disable. They are also compatible with modern automation technology. This means your system will not only keep your home protected, but it will also run more smoothly. You can automate your doorbell and door locks. Automated door locks allow you to monitor who is entering and exiting your home, while also eliminating the need to carry around house keys.

Making the Decision

Although wireless systems have more benefits than landline systems, some people still prefer landline. Perhaps you moved into a house that already has a landline system in place, and it isn’t in the budget to upgrade. Or maybe you’ve found an excellent deal that you just can’t turn down. Every home has different needs, and it’s important to choose whatever works for you. In the end, the thing that really matters is that you and your family feel safe in your home.


3 Essential Things to Look for in a Business Security Camera System

Whether you’re a large-scale company or you operate a small business out of your home office, a security camera system will help you keep your most important assets safe. Some small business owners think only large corporations will be targeted by burglars, but nearly 9% of small businesses experience a burglary in an average year. Intruders target small businesses assuming the security will be minimal.

Installing a security camera system is an important step in keeping out intruders. These are the three most important things for a business to look for in a strong security system:

1. Resolution

A security camera is only helpful with a clear image. You don’t want to cut corners when it comes to resolution. Look for cameras that are able to shoot at 800p or above at least 60 feet. A shorter range can work, but it means you’ll have to place more cameras around your office.

2. Infrared Light

Be sure you choose a camera package with the ability to shoot with infrared. Cameras with this capability are able to record even in very low-lighting as well as in foggy or polluted conditions. The infrared allows the camera to see better than humans. This means no one will be able to take advantage of you at nighttime or on a low-visibility day.

3. Storage Capacity

The amount of storage you’ll need will depend on the system you choose. A low-quality system will require less storage space, but low resolution and minimal cameras also leave you vulnerable. High-resolution cameras require a lot of storage space.

The size of the space you are monitoring will also impact the amount of storage space necessary. More cameras mean more footage that must be stored, so large businesses may need large amounts of storage capacity. The important thing is to check in advance if the storage capacity is sufficient to cover your needs, so you won’t be caught off-guard in the future.