WISE Gives Back – Lunches for Preschool Kids at The Road Home

WISE and The Road Home

WISE Home Solutions’ relationship with The Road Home has been nothing short of rewarding. From monthly donation blitzes when we collect clothing, to our volunteer opportunities, helping others is something we’re committed to.

The Road Home in Midvale serves families, so there are many children they have to cater to. They have various activities and programs to keep the children busy and educated while their parents work at getting back on their feet. From story time to activities, volunteers are able to donate their time to helping these children feel safe and secure. So when faced with the question of how we can help even more, our thoughts turned to the families – specifically, the preschool kids – at The Road Home Center in Midvale.

Where the Need Is

Every day, the school-aged children are provided lunches at their local schools.Unfortunately, the preschool kids at The Road Home don’t have the same opportunity. Luckily, a daily sign-up to make lunches for these children is available to the public. WISE Home Solutions had the opportunity this week to sign up to bring in lunches for the kids.

Our Team had no idea what we were in for! A lot goes into making 90 lunches and we were humbled by this need. We were also humbled by the willingness from companies and individuals to volunteer on a daily basis to feed these children.

The WISE team gathered around and each person took a job. By far, this was the most rewarding team activity we’ve done so far and we can’t wait to do it again. Below are some pics from our project, including what it looks like to have 90 lunches in one refrigerator!

If you or your company would like to take part in this volunteer opportunity please visit The Road Home’s website to learn more.