Looking for more security coverage throughout your home? Adding motion sensors to your security plan gets you the coverage you’re looking for, without any complicated equipment.

These small wireless sensors communicate with your control panel to notify you when any unexpected movement happens. This motion detector is immune to animals 33 to 55 lbs. With a 30 ft. by 50 ft. monitoring range, your home will be easily covered.

With our hassle-free upgrade option, you can always add more equipment throughout the life of your contract. Now you can have the extra coverage you’re looking for at any time.

  • Description

    – Uses infrared technology

    – Wall-mounted

    – Wide-angle detection

    – Integrated to send notifications to your control panel and connected devices when activated

  • Specs

    – 30 ft. by 50 ft. detection range

    – Pet immune feature can be set for pets 33 to 55 lbs.

    – Tamper protected

    – Lithium battery