Did you know your smoke detectors can be monitored through your current security system?

A FireFighter sensor is the easiest and most cost-effective way to add fire monitoring. It takes only one FireFighter to oversee all of the current smoke detectors in your home.

Looking for new smoke detectors? Wireless smoke alarms are easy to add to any home, and can be easily monitored through your security system as well.

A fire can happen to anyone, so why not be one step ahead? When you’re away, make sure your home is prepared for anything.

  • Description

    – Monitors existing smoke detectors in the home

    – Only ONE FireFighter is needed to monitor ALL detectors in the home

    – Easiest and most cost-effective way to add smoke alarm monitoring to your home security

    – Signal is sent from control panel to monitoring station when an alarm is detected

    – Can also monitor wireless smoke alarms

  • Specs

    – Easily mounts to wall or ceiling

    – Does not impact UL or Fire Marshall approval of existing smoke detectors

    – Long life lithium battery

    – Wireless