This June, WISE Home Solutions had the opportunity to collect and deliver donations to our local shelter, The Road Home. Since partnering with The Road Home, WISE has been dedicated to helping and assisting this incredible organization on a regular basis. In addition to donating a portion of every sale we make, WISE decided that the best way to help was to collect in-kind donations. Read on to see how WISE Home Solutions Donates to The Road Home.

The Process

After visiting The Road Home last year, we decided WISE needed to assist the shelter as a team. As we sifted through our options of ways we could help, we decided on recurrent donation drives, along with quarterly volunteer work. Our plan was to get everyone in the office to donate, as well as our community. Most people have items they’d like to donate, but never find the time to actually deliver them.

For June, we chose a neighborhood in West Jordan to assist us in gathering donations. We were able to help this local neighborhood with some summer cleaning while also assisting our new partner.


The Results of WISE employee donations to The Road Home

Our friends in West Jordan rose to the occasion! We picked up two truckloads of necessities for The Road Home in Midvale. Our donors in West Jordan gave us enough supplies able to fill up a whole truck-bed of donations that we took straight to the shelter. It was a great team-building experience, as well as a wonderful way to give back to our community.  WISE Home Solutions appreciates all the help we have received over the past couple of years. We are humbled by the generosity shown in West Jordan. We are excited to do this again next month in a new neighborhood.


For more information on how WISE Home Solutions donates to The Road Home, contact Tanisha Collins at