Security System

It’s important to feel safe both at home and in your neighborhood. In fact, in a recent survey around 80% of Americans said the neighborhood atmosphere is just as important as the house. So if you, like many other homebuyers, chose a home in a great neighborhood, you might wonder if you’ll have any need for a security system. 

The truth is, there are a variety of benefits for any homeowner who chooses to take security precautions. These systems are not just for people living in crime-ridden areas. If you’ve ever wondered how you would benefit from a security system in your neighborhood, read on: 

Property Value Increase

The first benefit of home security systems is the financial investment opportunity. Many homeowners choose to leave security equipment behind when selling their houses. This is typically a major selling point for prospective buyers. 

While it’s possible to take security equipment with you to a new location after moving, leaving it for the next homeowner will give you a major advantage in getting the price you’re hoping for. Your security system increases your bargaining power. 

Even if you choose to take your equipment with you after a move, a visible security system is still an advantage while showing the house to potential buyers. When buyers see your system it adds to the comfortable and secure atmosphere in your neighborhood. Buyers are willing to pay higher prices when they feel comfortable and safe. 

Becoming Lax?

It’s important to stay cautious, even when living in a safe neighborhood. Sadly, safe neighborhoods can become more dangerous as residents become too lax. As residents start leaving doors unlocked and expensive bikes unprotected in their driveways, neighborhoods can gain reputations as easy targets for theft. 

This is why it’s so important to stay cautious, even when it feels unnecessary. Burglars love to target areas with minimal security. The reason your neighborhood feels safe is because your neighbors are already taking steps to prevent crime before it happens. 

Keeping Kids Safe

Many families move into safe neighborhoods because they want to protect their kids. This means you’ll find more kids in these areas than in rougher neighborhoods.

Kids need extra protection. While those without children might get away with taking their chances with not having a security system, parents have to be extra cautious. 

It’s important for kids to grow up feeling safe to play and explore. When you and your neighbors have visible security systems, criminals learn to avoid the area. This leaves kids free to safely play outside with neighborhood friends. 

Keeping Kids out of Trouble

As kids get older, there are sometimes temptations to participate in practical jokes that lead to property damage. How many kids have gotten in serious trouble because they didn’t think things through before egging a house or messing with someone’s mailbox?

When kids are young, they often don’t understand the potential consequences of pranks such as these. In neighborhoods with sufficient security monitoring, however, teenagers understand they will have to deal with consequences, as the vandalism will likely be caught on camera. This keeps kids out of trouble by minimizing the temptation to participate in vandalism. 

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