Care for your pet from anywhere

If you have a busy life, running home to feed your furry family member can sometimes be a challenge. Luckily, your smart home can now help you take care of your pet. You can feed your four-legged friend from anywhere remotely. Through the control of an app, you can measure, dispense, and monitor your pet’s food with an automatic pet feeder.

How the pet feeder works

The automatic pet feeder helps regulate mealtime and add preciseness to your pet ownership. You can schedule feedings through the convenient app, so your pet will be eating at the same time every day. Put a stop to overeating also with convenient portion recommendations on the app. These recommendations are made based on your pet’s age, weight, breed, and level of activity. You will also receive a notification when they finish their meal, so you never have to worry whether your furry friend has eaten or not.

Keeping track of your pet is easier than ever

Indoor cameras are the easiest way to keep an eye on your pet, and feel like you’re home even when you’re away. Security cameras aren’t just for catching criminals anymore. If you worry about leaving your pet home alone, this puts your mind at ease. Thanks to the live-stream feature, you can check in on your pet anytime, anywhere.

Life made easy

Continue to add to your smart home with smart products that make life easier. Automatic pet feeders may not be part of your home security, but it can easily be part of your smart home. Smart homes are made from multiple products working together to make your home smarter than ever.

Even when you’re away, you’ll feel like you never left. Life is now easier for you and your favorite pet with the convenience of automatic pet feeders. Smart homes are made for the entire family, even the furry ones.


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