Our 3 Favorite, Lesser-Known Smart Home Devices

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If you’re shopping around for a home security system, you may notice that many companies offer the same basic packages. You’ll usually receive a control panel and a few door and window sensors. But those are not the only parts available to make a comprehensive home security system. There are plenty of lesser-known devices to choose from to make your home security system completely tailored to your needs. Here are 3 lesser-known smart home devices you should add to your home security system.


Tilt Sensor

The tilt sensor is a perfect solution for homeowners with any kind of tilting door. If you’re holding any kind of valuables in a cellar or garage with a tilt door, this small device can prove to be invaluable. Protect your assets and have peace of mind with a Tilt Sensor.


Smart Garage

Smart Garage takes garage security one step further. By tying into your garage door opener, Smart Garage can check on your door’s status at any time. Afraid you left the garage door open again? Check easily from your app and close your garage within that same minute from anywhere. Smart Garage is the smart home device most homeowners never knew they needed.


Recessed door window sensors

How about those unsightly door and window sensors? If you’re worried about your sensors sticking out like a sore thumb, you can choose recessed sensors instead. Ultra-conspicuous and available for a quick install by your professional home security tech, this is a great option for people who would like a discreet option for door and window sensors.


When you’re looking around for the best additions to your home security system, make sure you know about all your options, including the lesser-known devices. These smart home devices can transform your basic home security system to one that is completely customizable to your home, needs, and taste.

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