Securing the Most Vulnerable Areas of Your Home

vulnerable areas of your home

Many of us want to secure our homes, families, and assets, but finding the right home security system can seem like a daunting task. What do we protect first? Where are the usual points of entry for a suspect? Is there anything we can do to deter a criminal in the first place? All of these questions are valid and ones you should ask yourself before investing in home security. Here are the most vulnerable areas in your home and how to secure them:


The Front Door

A little known fact is that almost 80% of break-ins happen right through the front door, with many being forcible break-ins. That’s why your front door needs to be the most monitored part of your home. Utilizing a device such as a Ring Video Doorbell is a great option – and not only for its recording abilities. Burglars are statically deterred by the presence of any kind of home security device.


The Garage

Garages are also an easy point of entry, with access gained in as few as six seconds. Many homeowners admit to leaving the door that connects their garage and home unlocked. You might be leaving your home wide open for anyone who might gain access to your garage. Not to mention any valuable tools and possessions that may be stored in the garage.


Your Windows

Unless your windows have been left unlocked, they are most likely to be shattered during a break-in. This leaves window sensors useless in most scenarios. A better, more cost-efficient option is to invest in a glass break sensor. One sensor can do the work of multiple window sensors and give you better peace of mind that an intruder is more likely to be caught.


Other Areas

While the focus has mainly been areas where criminals would enter a home, securing your home doesn’t only cover break-ins. From knowing when your family arrives and leaves through a Ring Video Doorbell to securing a gun safe, there are so many devices that can help completely protect your family and your home. Take the first step in building a comprehensive system by consulting with a home security specialist.  A specialist can make sure you have everything you need to secure the most vulnerable areas of your home.

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