Best Places to Put Home Security Cameras

best places to put home security cameras

All home security devices serve a purpose. A home alarm system is the foundation of home security and necessary to make sure that your home is completely secured. But if you want to be able to fully monitor your home, adding exterior security cameras is a great idea. You’ll just want to make sure that you’re putting them in the right places. You will also want to make sure you have just enough to secure your home without overloading your WiFi and spending unnecessary money. Here are the best places to use exterior security cameras and the best types for each location.


Your Front Door

A Ring Video doorbell is a two-for-one device for home security systems. Not only do you get the benefit of smart home automation, but you also get security. These video doorbells monitor everything that happens in front of your main door and you will be notified immediately of any activity. Additionally, you can dismiss any unwanted visitors with the two-way talk feature. The two-way talk feature also gives the appearance that someone’s home, which is great for people who are often away. If you have children, there’s no need to worry about them having to answer the door for a stranger.


Side and Rear Doors

Ring’s exterior cameras are advanced enough to have almost all of the same features as the Ring Video Doorbell. Like the Ring Video Doorbell, they are even equipped with two-way talk. This makes it easy to scare off any suspicious person who activates the motion detector. These cameras are perfect for back and side doors.

Exterior cameras are also popular for detached sheds and garages. These locations usually store expensive equipment and need more security than basic door sensors.


Lastly, arming every angle of your home requires that your Internet speed is capable of handling multiple cameras. Before you set up several wireless cameras, check with your home security expert to make sure your internet has the ability to support the setup you’re wanting.




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