How to Keep Your Presents and Packages Secure This Holiday Season

exterior cameras

The holiday season is quickly approaching–and for some, it’s already arrived. But whether you’re a pre-Thanksgiving Christmas caroler or waiting until December to put up your decorations, there’s one thing we have in common. We all want to secure the presents we worked so hard to buy. Luckily, home security does a pretty good job of keeping our belongings safe inside our home. But what about the packages we get delivered? Leaving them on the porch until you’re able to bring them inside leaves them susceptible to theft. Setting your home up with exterior security cameras is a good place to start.


Ring Video Doorbell

Video doorbells are now considered the first line of defense in home security. The mere presence of a security system is enough to deter robbers, making these devices a popular choice for homeowners. Everyone who approaches your home captured in high-definition. This gives you better control in monitoring your own home and aware of any suspicious activity.


Exterior Cameras

If you’re monitoring your front door, it’s also wise to monitor your rear and side doors as well. These doors are also popular points of entry for burglars because of their limited street view. Arming these doors with exterior security cameras provides the same protection the video doorbell does, giving you extra peace of mind.


Home Security System

Hopefully, if you’ve armed your home with exterior security cameras, you haven’t forgotten your whole-home alarm system. There isn’t anything better to stop a burglar in his tracks. Even though exterior cameras are great for monitoring your home, a burglar can still enter your home and take your belongings without you knowing right away. An alarm system is the only way to guarantee that anyone who enters your home will alert the proper authorities.


Don’t take chances with your belongings this holiday season. Arm your home with exterior security cameras and a whole-home alarm system to keep your packages safe–indoors and out.

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