3 Ways a Ring Video Doorbell Can Benefit Parents

Ring Video Doorbell

Any parent knows keeping kids safe is a top priority. Most parents also know that ensuring the well-being of kids while balancing other responsibilities is more than a full-time job. For many parents, smart home devices can make managing these responsibilities a little easier. The Ring Video Doorbell is one of the most useful smart home devices for parents. This smart doorbell allows parents to monitor kids’ safety at any time or from any location.

1. Screening Visitors at the Door

Leaving a kid at home while running an errand can be a stressful experience. You never know if your child will be able to recognize when a stranger at the door is dangerous or not. To manage this stress, some parents have their kids avoid answering the door when a parent isn’t home.

While avoiding visitors may keep your kids safe, it also means you might miss important messages, packages, or friendly neighbor visits. The Ring Video Doorbell allows you to screen visitors from a distance and decide whether or not your kids should be speaking with them.

2. Monitoring Children’s Curfews

When your kids reach their teenage years, curfews become an added issue to deal with. Some parents choose to stay up until their children come home to ensure the curfew is being met. Smart doorbells offer a better (and more restful) way to handle curfews.  Rather than adjusting to a teenage sleep schedule, you can go to bed whenever you want, and check the time your child got home when you wake up in the morning.

If you prefer to speak with your child when they return home at night, you can set your doorbell to wake you up with a notification at their return. After a quick conversation, you can peacefully return to sleep.

3. Improving Neighborhood Safety

Kids deserve a safe place to grow up. When your neighborhood is safe, your children can get to know their community without any worry. Installing a ring video doorbell improves the security of your own home, but can also improve the safety of the whole neighborhood.

The video recording ability of the Ring Video Doorbell often allows multiple other homes to be protected by your device. When a thief or other potentially dangerous person sees your doorbell, they will likely choose a less protected neighborhood to target.

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