Can Smart Lights Cure Your Insomnia?

Smart Lights

If you’re feeling exhausted from multiple bad nights of sleep in a row, you’re not alone. Around 60 million people in American suffer from insomnia. Artificial lighting is one of the most common causes of sleep trouble because it messes with the sleep patterns that humans are naturally accustomed to. You can decrease the amount of artificial light you are exposed to by installing smart lights. You’ll start quickly start getting better sleep.

Dim Your Smart Lights

Smart lighting systems allow you to dim the lights in your home using just an app. To help with your insomnia, you should take advantage of this feature, especially in the evening. Hundreds of years ago, humans knew it was time to go to sleep when the sun went down. In our modern society, we see just as much light at night as we do in the day. This confuses our bodies and keeps us from falling asleep when we want to.

The less artificial light we expose our bodies to, the better for our sleep schedule. By dimming your lights, you are minimizing the harm done by that electric light exposure. Dimming your lights throughout the day is good for your body, but it’s most important in the few hours before you go to sleep.

Set a Schedule

Our bodies function on a schedule, and now the lighting in your house can too. Most adults need 7-9 hours of sleep, but even when you get that, it’s hard to feel rested when you wake up in the pitch black. With a smart light system, you can schedule your lights to slowly turn on in the morning. This simulates the experience of waking up to then natural sunlight.

You can also set a timer in the evening when you’re ready to dim the lights. This way, if you forget to decrease the artificial light at night, your lights can do it for you. Although the invention of modern lighting messed with our sleep schedules, the invention of smart lighting just might save them.


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